It is here and you better believe it. Singapore’s very own Squid Game experience – The Sotong Game!! 

The once in a lifetime opportunity has arrived and YOU ARE INVITED. 

You will become that participant to take part in this live event for a shot to win $1000.00 cash for real… no strings attached. Be the last player standing and walk home a thousand bucks richer!


2nd of August (Friday Night)
Time: 6pm – 9.00pm
Registrations starts at 6pm

15 years old and above
No need to compete against over 400 players like in the actual Squid Game! You’ll be competing with just 49 other players. We’re looking to recruit a total of 50 players!

YES, you need a purchase an advance ticket! 

For just $80 per person, you’ll receive goodies valued at $150! Plus, you’ll get to participate in the Sotong Game and have a shot at the $1000 in cash prize! 

Sotong Game Participation

*⁠1 Complimentary Ticket, Choice of High Elements or Smash Lab
(worth $38, Early Birds Only)

  • 1 One for One X-Scape Attraction Voucher (worth $38)
  • 1 One for One The Polliwogs Voucher (worth $25)
  • 1 One for One Nekoland Voucher (worth $25)
  • 1 Exclusive Sotong Game T Shirt with YOUR UNIQUE NUMBER! (worth $25)
  • 1 Bring Home Dalgona Candy
  • 1 Bring Home DDAKJI Set
  • 1 Squid Game Souvenir

Refreshments will be provided

For just $80, you’ll receive everything listed above! Additionally, you’ll get a unique Squid Game T-shirt with your own special number! PLUS all the other Squid Game goodies that resemble the original items from the Netflix series and a shot for 1K in the Sotong Game Experience!!

P.S. We are already getting group enquires so grab your tickets before they run out!

Not at all! We understand your concern and won’t let that happen. Unlike the original Squid Game series, where losing one game means elimination, in the Sotong Game, you have 3 LIVES.

That's right – YOU HAVE 3 LIVES!

Only towards the end of the game, any remaining lives will be reduced to 1 life. This ensures you’ll get to play most of the games before facing elimination.

You don’t have to pack and leave! You get to stay and have a chance to be RESURRECTED! There will be scattered opportunities for resurrection – for example, if a game requires an extra player to even out the teams or if you successfully complete a bonus task.

If you’re not resurrected, you can stick around and watch the game! Before the final round, you’ll be asked to predict the winner. If your prediction is correct, you’ll receive a mystery prize!

Players can look forward to iconic games from the Netflix’s Squid Game series, such as Red Light Green Light, Dalgona Candy Scraping, Bridge of Doom, Marbles, and more – all with a Sotong Game twist!

Additionally, there will be other games we’ve devised, but those will remain a secret for now to keep the element of surprise…

In total, there will be 8 main featured games and a couple of bonus games.

Yes you can! Not only do they get to spectate, we will provide them with light refreshment too! Spectators ticket is at $15, simply click on BUY Ticket to gain purchase!

The Grand Prize

The Grand Prize – $1000 in cash PLUS an exclusive X8 Sotong Game Trophy, perfect for displaying at home to commemorate your victorious day as the champion!

But that’s not all – we have a special prize for the rest of the players too. 

Introducing “The Most Dramatic Elimination Award.”

In homage to the Squid Game, players will need to be eliminated in a dramatic fashion. The one who shows the most commitment to this task will be rewarded!

So … Are you bold enough to take on the ultimate challenge?
Will you outsmart the shadows behind the curtains and emerge victorious? 

Or will the games claim you?

Stay vigilant and keep your senses sharp, for the adventure of a lifetime is now or never. 


X-Scap8 @ Orchard Central (Level 7), 238896